Welcome to Banking Tech Keys! This learning-focused event is designed to guide the Retail Banking professionals through the digital transformation at work in their organization.

NEW! In 2016, Banking Tech Keys will be held jointly with the Cashless World conference dedicated to “Transforming Payment with Digital & Fintech”. As a one-day pre-conference tutorial, Banking Tech Keys’ blend of learning and career development for Retail Banking professionals is a perfect match with a leading event gathering digital payment innovators!

Held on Nov. 7, 2016, the pre-conference tutorial will combine insights and interactive sessions led by inspiring digital banking innovators: see below its preliminary agenda.

The 150+ banking professionals in attendance will also benefit from synergies with the partner conference Cashless World: visit its website.

2016 Tutorial Objectives

Built in partnership with banking associations and experts, the tutorial will give keys to:
- Understand the role technologies play today and their impact in the future
- Assess the opportunities and risk of each digital shift
- Learn best practices in tech implementation and management
- Strengthen organizational and career development in the digital era
Beyond knowledge and skill update, Banking Tech Keys is designed to foster networking between passionate digital-minded professionals from both banking and IT sectors: 150 attendees are expected, leading practitioners in banking and financial services involved in digital innovation, market development, payments, new products, new channels as well as their technology partners.

First speakers announced:

At glance

2016 Banking Tech Hottest Challenges
The opening session examines the major trends of retail banking in the digital era. From customer-centric approach to new revenue models, from payment disruptions to new regulations impact, the role technology plays in the banking industry transformation today and tomorrow will be explored.
Impacts of Digital on the Banking Professions
Built in partnership with
This workshop led by Payments & Cards Network will analyze the impact of the new technologies on retail banking jobs and explore how banks and bankers can take advantage of digital. Based on market data, case studies and testimonials, the workshop will gather on stage banking and payment HR experts and practitioners. The attendees will be invited to share their own experience and views.
The attendees will:
- Get the latest trends and outlook for retail banking jobs sector
- Understand the role of digital technologies in these evolutions
- Identify the threats and opportunities for banks workforce management
- Shape the profiles in demand to drive this digital transformation
Lunch Break
Risk & Compliance: Optimizing IT for PSD2
Built in partnership with
Facing the growing costs and requirements of regulatory compliance, banks' IT systems need a permanent update. This session focuses on the new Payment Services Directive II implications:
- Risk or opportunities for the digital finance evolutions?
- What are the challenges PSD2 presents to banks’ internal architectures?
- Data security: impact of PSD2 ‘Access to Account’ (XS2A) rule on verifying the identities of payment service users? Security issues related to reputation of Banks through using TPP’s?
Other Risks:
- Data security for internal processes: intelligence tools to detect new threats
Prioritizing the Digital Transformation
This session provides a tech update on cryptocurrencies with a focus on the blockchain and its potential impact for the banking industry:
- Instant payments initiatives and lessons from pioneers
- The blockchain and its place within the financial world
- The future of cryptocurrencies: toward a cashless world?
Why Banking Tech Keys?

The usual banking innovation conferences provide strategic, prospective, broad-scope insights aimed at decision-making high profiles. The Banking Tech Keys tutorial focuses instead on essential tech shifts impacting today attendees' daily activity. Its program provides concrete, actionable contents along two axes:
- concrete case studies that give a clear picture of how banks perform today in going digital, how they integrate the new tech,
- technology updates to decrypt the tectonics of digital transformation.
Based on this expertise and experience sharing, the conference aims to help the attendees in their future professional orientation and career in Retail Banking.

For Who?

Attendees are leading practitioners in banking and the whole financial services ecosystem involved in digital innovation, market development, payments, new products, new channels as well as service providers and technology partners.
This includes but is not limited to:
- Retail/Consumer Banking, financial executives and engineers
- IT solutions providers, software solutions providers in payment, clearing & settlement systems, security, IoT platforms, etc.
- Banking associations, payment and financial institutions
- Consultancies in strategy, management & operations
- Legal professionals and law firms

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